October 20, 2017

Join a League

We always welcome new players of all skill levels. There are a number of leagues throughout Saskatchewan, which you can learn more about using the list below.

If you are new to squash and not quite sure of the rules, click here to see them.


1. YMCA - Steve Bachiu - steve.bachiu@usask.ca or James Stephenson - uwodoctortooth@msn.com

2. University of Saskatchewan PAC - Brad Birnie - bab113@mail.usask.ca


1. Gold's Gym (South) - Greg Runyon - info@reginasquashleague.ca

2. YMCA - ​Shane Ashby - shane_ashby@regina.ymca.ca

Moose Jaw

1. 15 Wing Club - Chantelle Roualt-Gibson - chantelle.rouault-gibson@forces.gc.ca

Swift Current

1. Key Club - Len Robinson - len.cityauto@sasktel.net